Regina Gelfo is an unusual mix between a futurist techie and a neo-primitive hippie.

Her specialty is bridging the world of spirituality with the mundane realities of work, health, and relationships.

She is equally at home discussing cutting-edge online business strategy or highly esoteric spiritual practices. 

Regina has a gift for really seeing people, and inspiring them to their greatness.

As a coach & diviner, she is super intuitive and will push you just enough, in a loving mama lioness kind of way.

As a facilitator, she creates incredibly magical spaces where she weaves together music with humor in a playful, spritely way that keeps everyone on their toes.

As an artist, she loves the design challenge of taking something completely intangible - your "purpose" and life's work -- and creating a visual brand and website that makes you look like a rock star in your field. 

She helps her clients realize their dreams in the realm of right livelihood, fulfilling relationships & community, and creative expression.


background & trainings

Regina has been a visual artist and performer her entire life. She got her BA in Visual Arts (with a minor in Gender Studies) from New College of Florida in 2001.

She has been a web designer, online community geek, and techie for the past 16 years.

Her spiritual awakening began in 2007 when she began practicing Kundalini Yoga.

Since then, she has become certified as a Sound Healer (with both Tom Kenyon and Silvia Nakkach), a Kundalini Yoga teacher, & Holistic Wellness Coach, and has a Masters Degree from CIIS in Integrative Health Studies.

Regina has participated in indigenous-inspired ceremonies for years, within several different traditions ranging from South American plant medicine ceremonies, to Dagara-inspired (West African ‘shamanic’) rituals.

She underwent an intensive training in Indigenous African Spiritual Technologies taught by Dagara elder, Dr. Malidoma Somé, from who she learned West African Cowry shell divination.

Regina began studying marketing and online business strategies as soon as she finished CIIS and realized she was $40k in debt and still didn't know how the fuck to make a living from doing coaching & healing work.

She became obsessed with how to help other artists and healers make a living from their Sacred Work. She realized she was good at helping people step more fully into their work of purpose, through guiding them through her unique coaching and website design process that helped them become more fully themselves.

Regina's current creative passion project is in creating high-end art parties where small groups of participants get wild, artsy, sensual, and spiritual, all at the same time.