What is Divination?

This is West African cowrie shell and mat divination, as taught by Dagara Elder, Dr Malidoma Somé.

You could call this an intuitive reading. It's a way to connect with your spirit allies and ancestors. I've heard it referred to as "indigenous counseling."

It is *sort of* in the same ballpark with mediums, psychics, spiritual counseling, shamanism, and energy healing.... but I wouldn't exactly call it any of that.

This method will help you get to the root of your problems instead of addressing it on a surface level.

It's a place where you can ask questions and receive guidance .... about work, relationships, creative projects, a move, travel, your kids, pets, departed loved ones, etc..

Divination is a check-in with the "Other World."

A divination will help you see another perspective about whatever you've been going through. You'll walk away feeling empowered, and like you know the next step to take.

A divination will reveal information about your deepest gifts and life purpose, which are incredibly useful in navigating career choices.

Divination gives us the courage to leap.



Divination is helpful for:

  • People stuck or blocked in moving forward in a particular area of life... work, relationships, housing move, a health challenge, etc.
  • Folks who are on a spiritual path, or have natural sensitivities and spiritual gifts, and want help learning to work with those in a more conscious way
  • Those want more joy, creativity, and connection in their life
  • Teenagers or young adults curious what career path may be right for them
  • Adults considering a career change
  • People starting or running their own business
  • Someone with a chronic health condition who wants an alternative perspective on how to treat it at the root level
  • Individuals wanting to bring healing to their family dynamics
  • Couples who want to live together more harmoniously
  • People who want to step up socio-politically to sock it to Donald Trump through becoming an empowered grass-roots change agent... but are not sure where to start
  • If you're curious about this ... YOU!

How it Works

A divination session is 90 minutes and can be done in person (in California or Florida), OR via Skype/phone.

Many divinations prescribe follow-up homework to be done by the individual, and often will serve as an entry point for deeper work with me.

A typical way of working with me would be to start with a divination, then meet for a handful of coaching and healing sessions thereafter.

I will be right by your side as a supportive ally and spiritual counselor as you move through the process. We may do coaching, healing, or both.

As a coach, I focus on helping people bring their Sacred Work to the world more fully.

Healing sessions with me typically involve sound healing, voice-opening work, working with nature and the elements, and light touch/ reiki.

Sessions don't have to feel like 'work' all the time either... my work is often about helping people connect with their creativity and playfulness... we might be making music or dancing together... 🙂



Your initial divination with me is $180.  I offer packages for ongoing work thereafter.

Contact Regina to schedule a consultation or session