Stories from the Wild Life.

How I Called in My Perfect Home with Magic

By reginagelfo | Oct 28, 2016

I painted this divination kit in Florida.   After my old one had gotten stolen out of the smashed window of my car in downtown Oakland.   After I followed the call to move out of my nest, leaving my home for the unknown, going first 3 hours from home, then across the country back…

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Why Running Your Own Business is Like Being in An Open Relationship

By reginagelfo | Oct 27, 2016

Now that I am coming out as a polyamorist (still working on what word I will be using, cuz it’s probably not that one), I am feeling the judgements and projections coming at me from many directions.   It’s a familiar feeling, the intentionally blank stares where you can tell the person is holding back…

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What To Do When Your Magic Doesn’t Work: The Great 4th of July Talisman ‘Fail’

By reginagelfo | Jul 18, 2016

I am sitting at the diner above Sutro Baths watching my boyfriend Dorian wade in and out of the ocean in his boxers, at 6pm on the 4th of July. It’s cold. And windy. He is standing in shallow grey water dancing with the frothy tide as it rolls in and out. Dunking his head…

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