The era of individualistic, isolated spirituality is over.

Unlike our mystical ancestors, we can’t pretend to be spiritual in a vaccum.

We can’t just hide out in our morning meditations, achieving peace on the yoga mat and then suffering through a soul-sucking 9-5 existence, placating our cravings for something deeper with coffee, carbohydrates and sugar.

In a world where Trump is president, Gaia’s temperature is rising, and America stays stuck in epidemic rates of chronic, terminal diseases, signs point to

something deeper is needed

It’s a blend of shadow-work, wild-self-expression, divine-feminine entrepreneurship, and deep heart healing that can only be found in community, in connection with nature.

a Revolution of purpose

Each of us has unique gifts and wounds. We are carrying wounds from our ancestral lineage, as well as our own personal "wounded healer's" journey.

This makes our Medicine.

Our medicine is for sharing.

Our medicine is the basis of our Right Livelihood, and a key component of our Sacred Partnerships.

We cannot effectively walk through life without knowing our medicine.

We get physically sick when we are not living our medicine.

And we won’t ever really be satisfied until we’re giving our medicine in community, being nourished by the medicine of others, and making peace with accepting money for our medicine, so we can live a balanced, healthy life, in harmony with the cycles and rhythms of nature.


are you on board?

Welcome to Pink Medicine Tribe.

Where we turn our shit into gold.

See things from another eye.

And always arrive right on time.


Hi. I'm Regina Gelfo

I am here to assist you with understanding, and standing in, your medicine. 

I serve nasty women, witches, wizards, misfits, queers, tricksters, tantrikas, modern shamans, outsiders, artists, and edge walkers who have medicine to share with the world.

I love supporting my clients in a variety of ways that blend together my diverse skills.

I will give a divination to anyone who walks through my door. #divination

I'm a business coach & website designer for healers who want to make a living from their REAL work. #SacredWork

I help 'spiritual warriors' (aka people with relational wounds and trauma) 😉 who are in soulmate partnerships work through their shit and give birth to what they're meant to create together, and live more harmoniously while they're doing it. #PinkMedicine

I help woo-woo "newbies" learn more about how to work with their gifts and sensitivities as intuitives, empaths, diviners, neo-shamans, etc. #MagickMentorship

And for "regular folks" who lead more conventional lives, I love helping you guys get wild and creative and inviting you into my crazy, artsy cuddly world. I offer private coaching as well as high-end art parties help you get in touch with a new, playful, wild form of spirituality that embraces your body and your ego instead of asking you to transcend them. #AvatarParties

a little about me

I'm a world-bridging bisexual gatekeeper who has one foot rooted firmly in the world of tech, marketing, and online business strategy, and the other foot dipped deep in the tumultuous sea of spirituality, mysticism, and embodied shamanic work.

(Sounds like fun, right?) 😉

I've been an artist my entire life, a website designer for 16 years, and on a crazy path of spiritual awakening & initiation for the last 10 years.

I'm 38.

I've studied kundalini yoga, sound healing, West African (Dagara) spirituality, and sat in countless shamanic ceremonies. I spent my Master's Degree figuring out what "wellness" in the modern world actually is, and how the hell to get there.

I've gone deep into my own shadow and found my way back to bliss again. Over, and over, and over, again.

And what I've learned is that my role is helping people connect the dots.

It is my job to make sense of the impossible and build bridges between worlds.

Like... you don't want to be a broke, exhausted healer or artist forever, but you don't want to just "get a job" either, and you also don't want to follow some cheesy sales formula that makes your skin crawl. You don't give a fuck about making 7 figures, you just want to pay your goddamned rent without having to sacrifice your self-care.

Or... you finally found your soulmate, but now all you do is fight. You can't really imagine being without them, but you basically can't stand being with them either. You long for a way to make sense of this experience and need strategies to regularly compost your shadow into beauty.

Or... you feel SOOO enlightened during your weekend workshops and retreats, but you completely regress when you go home to visit your folks. And you're ready to find your power THERE.

Or, you're that totally normal guy or gal that has the dream job, dream relationship, and dream home, but still feels empty and kind of bored...  //rubs hands together deviously//. I can help you have a LOT of fun...

These are the kinds of "impossible" things I help people with. 

Because it sucks when experience your true nature as a rainbow princess of light during weekend ayahuasca ceremonies, but go back to feeling like an impoverished martyr, victim, or prisoner on the Monday mornings thereafter.

So let's build some new bridges.




Regina Gelfo, MA

Sacred Work Coach, Diviner & Ritualist