Hey, I’m Regina.

I’m a modern day Renaissance Woman with many talents and passions.

You can hire me for:

  • Coaching & Healing Work
  • Photography & Digital Collage
  • Web Design

Personal hobbies include:

  • Music
  • Painting
  • Writing

Coaching & Healing Work

I am a Somatica Sex & Relationship Coach. I work with my clients on themes around Dating, Relationships, Intimacy, Emotional Literacy, Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity, and Healing from Trauma.

This work is different than traditional psychotherapy or counseling in a few special ways. The Somatica Method is experiential, meaning we believe that the best way for you to learn how to improve your relationship skills is being being in a "relationship" (of sorts) with your coach.  We are allowed to touch, hold, cuddle, and even flirt within the context of our therapeutic relationship, because it is the best way for you to learn those skills!

I have an extensive background of additional skills that I bring to my work with clients. These include: Kundalini Yoga & Meditation Teacher, Sound Healing, Voice Opening, West African Shamanism, Tantra, and EcoTherapy.


In a session with me, you're equally likely to:

  • Laugh
  • Cry
  • Sing 
  • Get turned on
  • Get held, or hold me
  • Hug a tree
  • Experience altered states of consciousness
  • Tell me your deepest darkest secrets & feel oddly safe

A Somatica, Sound Healing, or EcoTherapy Session May Look Like This

Things to notice: Cuddling, Couple's Work (that's the wrestling shots 🙂 , Tibetan Bowls Sound Healing, Guided Meditation, Playing and Singing in nature, Shamanic Healing in Nature, Nature Rituals

And then there's photography!


I specialize in natural lighting photography that captures a soulful portrait. 

Photography can be a standalone service, or part of your therapeutic work.

It is a powerful as a tool to use with issues around body shame, or people who are wanting to feel more attractive or sexy.

I have a gift at helping even really shy people feel comfortable, and tricking them into smiling 🙂

I am available for: Website Photography, Headshots, Online Dating Photos, Family Pictures, Pregnancy Pictures, Couple's Photography, Boudoir Photography, Goddess Glamour Shoots, Portraits in Nature, Body Image Healing Photo Shoots