Welcome, magickal (and curious) folks... ;)

I am guessing you are a person who moves through the world who basically has their "shit together."  But on the inside, do you sometimes feel overwhelmed, hopeless, exhasuted, alone and misunderstood?

Do you ever feel powerless, like a victim, even though you know better? Have you even wondered if you were ... cursed?!

Are you one of those people who 'sees' ... who is generally on the sidelines because you're different and weird? And you have some special sensitivities or abilities, but you also feel like you have to work harder than everyone else just to get by?

Do you ever feel like some part of you is addicted to "not letting yourself have it"?

Are you "holding it together" for everyone else, but secretly feeling unseen, resentful, angry and bitter?

In your darkest moments, do you even feel like part of you is dying?


What do you want?


If you're like most of my clients, what you are longing for is to arrive at that safe space, that feels like home.

My clients want to feel desired, cherished, appreciated, and welcomed... often, specifically in either a professional or romantic context. 

They want to be living in a more fully-expressed way where they feel seen, worthy, and like they finally landed. They long to know in their bones that there IS space for them, in all their fullness.

To feel worthy, respected, and empowered.

To sit in a settled place ... where life is just the right mix of calm and exciting. And the days have a tone of peace & pleasure.

Soooo... what do YOU want?

My coaching and healing practice is open to anyone, but a few types of issues tend to show up time and time again at my door.

So I created these programs below, focused on the themes of LOVE and MONEY.



Regina's Signature Programs

Many of my clients want to be to help more people and make more money, through what feels like their "soul work." Many of these folks (primarily witchy medicine women types) specifically need help in getting over past-life poverty vows and witch persecution karma.  They need help making peace with living inside the money system and finding a place of integrity with offering their healing medicine within this strange, compartmentalized system of exchange.

If this sounds like you, check out my Sacred Work program and be sure to send me an email to request a complimentary consultation, if you feel drawn to exploring this work.



This is for individuals and couples in ANY stage of love pain..

You might be:

  • single and longing for your soulmate partnership
  • in a relationship and feeling stuck and shitty
  • not sure if you should leave or go
  • recently gone through a breakup, need help really releasing it, greiving, and moving on
  • fill in the blank flavor of, ouch, my heart hurts 
  • recently lost a loved one

I love therapy, and what I am offering is also a bit different from that. It is working with love issues from a spiritual perspective, using ritual, and often Sacred Play.

Email for more info/ to request consultation

Upcoming Programs


Stay tuned for some awesome upcoming group programs. Email me to get on the list for more info - let me know which program you are interested in.

Wild Women's Business School - Date TBD

Build your successful soul work business in this group program where our tribe of witchy medicine women does creative performance, avatar play, nature-based ritual & ceremony, and learns to manifest and pull in success from our pussy vortex of feminine power. You'll leave with an Avatar-Based new website and having cleared a ton of old masculine programming about how to run a business, as well as your lingering money issues.

This will be a several-month long program based live in California, with a daylong workshop version offered in the Bay Area in October.


Bali Dance Retreat - Jan 2017

Bali. January 2017. 7 days.

Gathered tribe of goddess, wild medicine women Dakini priestesses.

We gather to study and participate in ceremonial dances.

Learn the local exorcism.

Embody our Avatar selves. In a space where we each have 'permission' to Be Too Much and Take The Stage.

(And dance. And Play.)

Each woman has space to 'workshop' a performance or facilitation offering.

Final ritual co-created at the beach.


Bali Creator's Camp - Jan 2017

7 days in a shared, cheap vacation rental on the beach. For entrepreneurs, writers, artists, visionaries. BYO passion project. Each day will consist of bomb healthy food, movement practices, ritual, group circling and coaching, and plenty of time to work on your project solo.